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New Jersey traffic ticket Payment online Guide

NJMCDIRECT is a fast, secure, and convenient web service platform catered by the municipal court of the state of New Jersey. This online web platform provides access to the traffic ticket and details of complaints. By using this portal you can also make payments effortlessly for your traffic violations. To pay the fines for traffic violations, there are easy and hassle-free steps available on this portal which will definitely save your time.  The developers made this portal very user-friendly and speedy. The main theme to develop this portal was to avoid the long queues in the court and making your life more comfortable.

If you have any further queries related to your traffic ticket or payment issues, you don’t need to visit physically. All the queries can be sorted out online.  

In some exceptional cases where the queries can not resolve online, the municipal court of New Jersey requests the complainants to approach them and if you are out of the station, no worries, you may access this portal through your smartphone and pay the dues easily.  

The official website you will visit to pay your dues is www.NJMCDIRECT.com. Municipal Court of New Jersey itself handles the website to keep your money secure.  

New Jersey traffic ticket Payment online website

Pay New Jersey traffic ticket online guide 

Step 1: Check NJMCDIRECT timings

Generally, we are habituated to use such portals that accept payment 24/7 but NJMCDirect is a bit different. Visit the official website and you would see a timing column on its homepage. Actually, the portal doesn’t run for 24 hours. Before paying fines online, please confirm that the portal is open or closed. Here is the timing schedule of this portal

  • Monday-Thursday: 0430hrs-2315hrs(EST)
  • Friday:0430hrs-2215hrs(EST)
  • Saturday:0430hrs-1515hrs(EST)
  • 1Sunday:1300hrs-2315hrs(EST)

Step 2: Prerequisites before processing online payment

Paying your traffic fine online through the NJMCDirect portal, you have to ensure that you meet the requirements of it before processing the payment procedure. The official portal will be accessible on the completion of the fourth day after issuing the traffic ticket. The following mandatory information is to arrayed by you to complete the further process,

  • Car registration number: car registration number could be found on the driving license. 
  • Parking or NJ Traffic ticket number: this is the ticket that was issued for your traffic violation. It consists of court ID, the prefix code, ticket number, and the type of violation.  These are important information that will be used in the next step.  
  • A laptop / PC / Smartphone: this is obvious because you are paying your charges online.
  • Internet connection: though the official portal is simple, but good internet connection makes it faster.
  • Credit card/debit card/master card: For making the payment

Once you have these details ready, simply go to the official website of NJMCDirect.


In some cases when you forget the traffic ticket number, simply visit the NJMCDirect.com homepage. A blue marked here button will be displayed on the screen. Click it and input another detail like your name and driving license number/complaint number/slip number. Complete this process to get your traffic ticket number. It is not chargeable to see your traffic ticket details. – By Njmcdirect.Onl

Step 3: Fill and submit the required details

Now you are on the homepage of the NJMCDirect website. Click the sensitive “continue” option on the screen, a new window page will be opened. There, you need to enter a few details which are 

  • Court ID
  • Prefix
  • Ticket number
  • License plate number

Fill all these boxes with the details you have and click the continue button to fall in the payment gateway.

Step 4: Payment method

The payment method of this portal is very simple and clean. In the payment method, the NJMCDirect portal provides enough options like a credit card, debit card, master card, and internet banking. You preferably choose any of them. 3% of service charges may be applicable for your payment.

In case you don’t have any card, please read other payment instructions on the reverse side of the ticket. Additional surcharges may also be deducted if you are paying your dues after passing off the last date. 

I am sure you must have realized how easy and simple it is to pay your traffic violation charges through the NJMCDirect portal.