What Is White Coffee? Benefits & Types of White Coffee

I get intrigued by all the innovations to enjoy our cup of joe. But this white coffee is not a completely new idea. It takes us back in time to the 19th century. Stay with me as I explain in detail about white coffee.

White coffee means a caramel coloured coffee which is prepared by specially roasted beans at a lower temperature at 325 Degrees and takes half the time to roast, as compared to regular coffee which is roasted at 450-480 Degrees, that is why white coffee tastes nutlike with profound acidity.

What Is White Coffee?
What Is White Coffee?

This half-baked coffee drink uses a traditional recipe passed down through generations, coffee beans for white coffee are merely roasted to soften the green beans and help grind them. Coffee beans are not roasted till they become dark, because of the lightly roasted beans, white coffee tastes nutty, smooth, and less bitter. 

The light roasting process is what sets white coffee apart from a regular cup of coffee. With this technique, coffee roasters can reduce the bitterness and preserve the natural aspects of the coffee beans.

White Coffee Origin

White coffee is said to have its roots in Yemen. It’s a native Yemen coffee, which refers to the ground shell of the bean. Earned its name from its color and is brewed in the same manner as for regular coffee, with spices added. Giving coffee Yemen twist with Hawaii.

hawaij is a mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves.

Also, say that white coffee originates from the literal translation of its Chinese name, which was introduced in the 19th century by Chinese migrants who worked in ten mines. The coffee beans are not really white. The color comes from the milk stirred into the product. 

The chinese have designated a way to roast beans with a special character. In Russian and other languages, this character is translated as white.

In many English-speaking countries, white coffee refers to regular black coffee with milk, cream, or whitener added. While in the US, this beverage is called coffee light or light coffee, coffee with milk, and regular coffee.

Different Types Of White Coffee

White Coffee can be referred to as several kinds of coffees or coffee substitutes in the world. It is surprising to see the ways coffee is made and named.

Different Types of White Coffee

1.Ipoh White Coffee

In Malaysia, the original white coffee started in the old town of Ipoh. This Ipoh white coffee continues to be popular throughout the country, which is made from roasting coffee beans with margarine and later is mixed with condensed milk to create a delicious, creamy, and sweet coffee.

This old town white coffee drink simply differs from the beans used and how coffee is made and served with added milk or creamer.

Lonely Planet has named Ipoh as one of the top three coffee towns in the world.

Lonely Planet said, “Ipoh’s signature white coffee is famously hot, sweet and almost buttery in taste, and has spawned a chain of cafes that has found its way around Malaysia. For the authentic stuff, Sin Yoon Loong is adored for following the traditional recipe”.

2.Kahwe Bayda

Kahwe Bayda is a caffeine-free drink made from water, orange blossom water, and sweetener is added if required. Although this is not a coffee beverage, this attains the name from Kahwe Bayda’s translation in Lebanon to “white coffee,” this Lebanese white coffee is traditionally thought to have a soothing effect when drunk.

3.Kopi Putih

In Indonesia, the term Kopi Putih translates to white coffee, and it refers to coffee beans that are roasted less than regular coffee beans. Roasting of beans for a shorter time at lower temperature yields lighter colored coffee beans, called Biji Kopi Putih or white coffee beans.

The white coffee beans are harder and different in taste than regular coffee beans, as the light roast doesn’t let the beans develop coffee flavor.

Due to its shorter roasting time, white coffee has a higher concentration of caffeine.

4.White Coffee

A similar coffee drink as our regular black coffee is this white coffee, which is certainly getting popular recently. Depending on the preference of taste to drinking an espresso either with the bold, strong, and intense flavor of black coffee or a light, bittersweet coffee like white coffee, it definitely is a great choice. 

What are the Benefits of White Coffee?

The most important advantage of drinking white coffee is the chlorogenic acid present in the beans. Due to the roasting process, white coffee beans are high in chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant. Chlorogenic acids can improve cardiovascular function and reduce inflammation. 

As the time of roasting increases, the coffee beans’ chemical profile changes from its original green beans. White coffee beans are roasted for a shorter time at a lower temperature, helping coffee beans retain chlorogenic acid when compared to regular coffee.

For coffee lovers who enjoy caffeine, white coffee has more caffeine because of the science behind the roasting process. We all know as we roast longer, coffee beans tend to lose the caffeine content. Darker the roast, lower the caffeine.

Some would argue it’s not true, as the caffeine content is determined to scoop for the scoop. If you weigh your beans, you probably know, no matter the roast, if the beans are not dense, it is low in caffeine. Because the white coffee beans are very light roast, it has higher caffeine than dark roasts as the white coffee beans are denser.

White Coffee vs. Black Coffee

The major differences between white coffee and black coffee are roasting temperatures & time, caffeine content, acidity, taste, and aroma. 

White Coffee vs. Black Coffee

Don’t just go by as the name suggests here, because white coffee is actually not white. Instead it has a whitish shade of coffee color and is similar to caramel.

Because of the difference in roasting time, white coffee tastes light, nutty, and sweet with less bitter, whereas black coffee tastes intense, bold, and strong.

Dark roast coffee will have less acidity than lighter roast coffee. This aspect gives white coffee a distinctive flavor that it is known for.

The heat while roasting coffee beans breaks down the caffeine content in each bean; however, as white coffee beans are roasted at low temperatures, it tends to have 50% more caffeine than regular coffee. 

White CoffeeBlack Coffee
Coffee beans roasted at a lower temperature, 325degreesCoffee beans roasted at a higher temperature, 450-480degrees
Lightly roasted beansDark roasted beans
High caffeine coffeeLow caffeine coffee
Tastes light, sweet, nutlikeTastes intense, bitter,full
Less acidic but high chlorogenic acid levelHighly acidic
High in calories as it is consumed with milk and sugarLow in calories, making it best choice when on diet
Smooth, rich and natural aromaHigh temperature and longer roast destroy coffee aroma

Coffee fact

According to the USDA, an 8-ounce cup of black coffee has 2 calories. A survey of other sources will reveal some slight variation in precisely how many calories in coffee, but all sources show that a cup of coffee has a negligible number of calories. Typically, figures range from 2 to 12 calories per cup of coffee.

Where To Buy Good White Coffee Beans?

1.Abbey roast

Abbey Roast says it uses special white roast Brazilian Arabica beans at a lower temperature, roasted until the coffee beans get a beautiful golden color prior to the first crack. 

This produces a white coffee which is light, nutty flavoured but exceptionally high in caffeine and rich in natural antioxidant coffee.

The color of coffee might surprise you once brewed because this blonde color coffee does not have the usual taste of coffee that we have been tasting for all these years.

  • Great choice for people who love light roast coffees
  • Loads of caffeine
  • Makes a white creamy and delicious espresso
  • These white coffee options come in both 12oz and 5lb bags.

2.Alaska artisan

Alaska Artisan produces organic white coffee beans which are roasted by using Alaska’s fresh mountain air.

This white coffee has a light,nutty taste and is higher in antioxidants and caffeine than a dark roasted coffee.

  • Only come in pre ground option
  • Perfect with Almond milk and stevia
  • Full of antioxidants and clean tasting, has more caffeine than regular coffee
  • The beans are very affordable and priced in several sizes from a tiny 5oz sampler to a whopping 8lb bag.

3.Poverty Bay

With over 30 years’ experience of coffee sourcing and small-batch micro-roasting in the Pacific Northwest, Poverty bay coffee co. offers white coffee with an additional caffeine compared to any fully roasted coffee.

This roast only comes in one special grind style so that you have the best White Coffee experience possible because they are so tough and cannot be ground by a normal coffee grinder.

This tastes nutty and sweet with a light and mellow finish.

  • This be used in a keurig using the filter pod, does best work if the coffee is pre soaked with a little hot water first for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • It is available only in ground due to the fact that white coffee is still a very dense and hard bean and would ruin most home grinders.
  • It’s definitely a unique flavor and the way you brew it makes a big difference on how that flavor develops.
  • The beans are coarse and do not absorb the water like regular ground coffee beans, so using a pour over coffee brewer is recommended. 

4.Wired Willey’s White Coffee

This is a delicious nutty high caffeine, low acid alternative for darker coffee. It definitely doesn’t taste like the traditional roasted coffees but it’s smooth and nutty. A ground fine coffee, best for espresso machines but can also be used in drip coffee maker.

  • Ground Coffee by Lowery’s Coffee
  • This coffee is available in 16oz, 32oz, and 4lb sizes
  • Extremely lightly roasted – lower acid than darker roasts
  • Best when used in mixed espresso drinks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is White Coffee Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

White coffee is stronger than regular coffee because, to make a strong coffee, caffeine, and flavor profile play a major role along with brewing time and roast. As white coffee is made by using light roast coffee beans, it has 50% more caffeine than regular coffee which is made by dark roasted beans. Making it a choice for people who wish to drink their coffee strong and bold. The caffeine content in the coffee can also be increased by brewing coffee grounds longer in water. 

How Does White Coffee Taste?

White coffee tastes light and has a strong nutty flavor because of the low roasting temperatures. As the coffee bean is not fully roasted, it doesn’t develop a bitter profile like regular coffee beans. White coffee acquires sweetness when added with white mocha syrup.  If you like your coffee light and slightly nutlike with a sweet texture, give this a try. 


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