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Best Coffee Beans For French Press Coffee

Best Coffee Beans For French Press Coffee

French Press coffee is by far one of the easiest coffee-making processes. It is one of my favorite ways to make a morning cuppa.

But to get an incredible coffee drinking experience, you need the best coffee beans.

I have gone through a variety of coffee beans and brought to you the list of the best coffee beans and coffee brands for French Press.

What Is The Best Coffee For A French Press?

The best coffee for a french press would be fresh and even coarse ground beans roasted for no more than 3 months. Using freshly ground coffee in an immersion brewing method traps the aroma and body of the coffee while brewing. Any coffee which meets these standards is considered to give you the best French press coffee. One such coffee is Peet’s Coffee Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend

Here are my top Coffee beans for the French Press Coffee list.

  1. Peet’s Coffee Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend – Dark Roast Ground Coffee
  2. Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee – Medium Roast
  3. Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel Flavored Ground Coffee
  4. New England Coffee Hazelnut Creme – Medium Roast Ground Coffee
  5. Kicking Horse Coffee 454 HorsePower – Dark Roast & Whole Bean
  6. Illy Intenso Ground Drip Coffee – Bold Roast & Intense
  7. AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee – Medium Roast

I suggest you try Peet’s coffee. For us, this one stands out amongst all these best coffees. I recommend you try some of these coffee beans for your French Press coffee and let us know which one you enjoy the most.

After thorough research, I have included several types of coffee beans in the list for every preference. Such as Decaf coffee, Bulletproof coffee, Flavoured coffee, Dark roast, Medium roast, Bold roast to fulfill every kind of coffee craving. 

1.Peet’s Coffee Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend – Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Peet's Coffee Decaf Major Dickason's Blend
Peet’s Coffee Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend
Roast typeDark
TypeSignature Blend
OriginAmericas, Indo-Pacific
ProcessWashed and Wet-Hulled
FlavorEarth & Spice

We love Peet’s coffee beans because it combines and makes a perfect blend by using the coffee grown in the world’s premier growing regions. Giving this blend is a smooth, balanced cup of coffee with distinctive regional characteristics. 

Peet’s decaf version of coffee brews the absolute finest decaf cup. It uses the same premium coffee beans as the original to create a blend that is full of flavor, body, aroma but without any caffeine.

Peet’s selects the superb coffee beans from the very best farm source and craft roasts until possible to get the coffee taste like a real coffee. A bold flavor coffee without caffeine.

They mark the roast date on every bag for you to know exactly when it was roasted to give you an amazing Peet’s coffee experience.

 As we all know, coffee doesn’t get better with age, instead, it gets stale.

Peet’s coffee is available in two sizes at 10.5oz and 18oz is a dark roast ground coffee. A Latin blend with lively and sweet flavor notes.

Peet’s Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend coffee achieves its rich flavor because of the hand roasting process done in small batches and the strict standards maintained for its freshness. The direct contact method helps Peet’s coffee to preserve the flavor but also decaffeinate the beans.

The press pot, or French Press, offers direct infusion for full-bodied coffee. It’s an ideal companion for dark roasts, bringing out rich, complex flavors.

Features of Peet’s Coffee Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend

  • Hand roasted to order
  • Sealed for freshness – Sealed immediately after roast
  • Delivered fresh to you – Roasts and Ships the same day

What people are saying?

  • Very smooth but still a robust flavor with a citrus fruity back note
  • Can be used for French press, Drip coffee, and in Espresso machines
  • Makes an incredibly soft but bold cup of coffee
  • Peet’s is the only dark roast that doesn’t give heartburn


  • Great tasting coffee for dark roast decaf without any bitter or weird taste
  • Enjoy the fresh coffee because of the roast date and expiration date on the pack
  • A strong decaf coffee with a bold flavor
  • Makes wonderful cold brew coffee


  • A little pricey for a small bag

These are all the reason why we love Peet’s Coffee to make a tasty cup of French Coffee.

2.Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee – Medium Roast

Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee for French Coffee
Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee
Roast typeMedium
FlavorCinnamon, orange, nectarine, and chocolate
OriginGrown on high altitude estates in Guatemala and Colombia
ProcessThorough, sustainable washing and drying technique
Bulletproof processDirect partnership with farms to ensure sustainable operations

These Bulletproof Coffee Beans are meticulously grown at high altitudes on single estates in Guatemala, hand-harvested, carefully processed, handled, and roasted to maintain maximum integrity and flavor. The final roast then undergoes proprietary lab testing to verify that coffee meets the Bulletproof quality and purity standards.

What is a clean certified coffee?

A clean certified coffee is tested for impurities before it reaches your cup. This test for toxins helps keep your coffee pure and clean

Bulletproof coffee is passive organic, which is the same as organic with no sprays, no GMO. But has no USDA official organic seal.

The Bulletproof coffee has different kinds of roast as per the taste profile. The original is a medium roast that has cinnamon, orange, chocolate, and distinct notes of sweet plum. The original coffee blend is also available in decaf. 

Bulletproof coffee is breakfast in itself. The quality fats from grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil makes you feel full and energized for hours. 

The roast of bulletproof coffee is medium roast so the caffeine content should be about in the middle of the averages. There is very little caffeine content difference between different single-origin, wet-processed, Arabica coffees.

Features & Benefits of Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee – Medium Roast

  • Distinct notes of cinnamon, plum, and orange with a cocoa hazelnut finish
  • Clean coffee
  • Tested for toxins
  • Rainforest alliance certified
  • Bulletproof process

What people are saying?

  • Smooth tasting – no bitterness plus it is very satisfying
  • It’s a winning combo: tasty coffee, daily caffeine, no inflammation
  • Organic and mold-free – cleanest coffee I’ve ever had and delicious!
  • But for what it’s worth, after drinking for a week, my stomach did feel less irritated after my morning coffee


  • A dairy-free vegan coffee 
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified using ingredients and best practices that support the farm, forest communities, and families
  • This self-starter drink adds a powerful core component to intermittent fasting, ketogenic diets helping you feel satiated, alert, and focused


  • This coffee is not for those of us who like a really rich, flavorful cup
  • Too light, can not enjoy the coffee flavor
  • An expensive buy

What is a Rainforest Alliance?

Rainforest Alliance means their manufacturing methods meet the ten standards that protect worker’s rights, animal rights, conserves the ecosystem, and helps create a world where both nature and people thrive in harmony

3.Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel Flavored Ground Coffee

Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel Flavored Ground Coffee
Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel Flavored Ground Coffee
Roast typeRoasted-to-perfection ground coffee combined with natural caramel flavor
BeansPre-ground for easy brewing
FlavorButtery, Caramelized Sugar

We chose Folger’s coffee beans to make one of the best french press coffee because of the natural flavors in it. For people who enjoy drinking flavored coffee, Folgers provides this perfect blend of 100% premium arabica coffee beans with natural flavoring.

After the coffee beans are roasted to perfection, the ground coffee is combined with an all-natural chocolate flavor. This natural flavor gives coffee an indulger taste and aroma. Folgers coffee can be enjoyed with various brewing methods including automatic drip, pour-over, and French press.

The naturally flavored coffee tastes buttery, smooth, and caramelized sugar. This coffee is delicately balanced and perfectly blended for an aroma that will instantly delight your senses.

Folger’s coffee beans are roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana, and packed in a 10oz bag. pre-ground for easy brewing. An unopened coffee shelf life is 12 months from the date that is produced, which is reflected in the bag. Once opened, recommend to use it within 3 weeks when stored at room temperature or 4 weeks if stored in the refrigerator to enjoy the optimal freshness.

Folger’s coffee beans contain  2-4 calories in a 6oz cup of coffee and 60-80mg caffeine per cup.

Features of Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel Flavored Ground Coffee

  • 100% Premium Arabica beans
  • The perfectly balanced natural caramel flavor
  • Sold in convenient, reclosable bags
  • The delicious naturally flavored coffee on its own or with a touch of real cream and natural sugars

What people are saying?

  • This is the best caramel flavored coffee ever had
  • Robust with a whiff of chocolate!
  • Amazing taste and aroma
  • Great taste, not as sweet as anticipated. Which made it much better.


  • No chemical taste, no bitterness. It’s mellow, not too subtle to differentiate the flavor, but not overwhelming either.
  • Beats the expensive brands with affordable price
  • No artificial flavoring


  • Does Not mention if it’s gluten-free

We recommend all Hazelnut flavor lovers to try these Folgers Coffee beans to make French press coffee.

4.New England Coffee Hazelnut Creme – Medium Roast Ground Coffee

England Coffee Hazelnut Creme French Coffee
England Coffee Hazelnut Creme French Coffee
Roast typeMedium 
ProcessRoasted with a time-honored tradition to create the Hazelnut Crème coffee
OriginSouth and Central American
FlavorRich, nutty flavor, a smooth coffee experience with a hint of sweetness

We picked New England Coffee Hazelnut Creme coffee beans as it’s a  family tradition coffee for more than 100 years. It is a premium coffee, time tested right in New England. Made of 100% arabica beans sourced from the finest coffee growing regions, Which are small-batch roasted for consistently balanced flavor every time.

What is the benefit of roasting coffee in small batches?

Roasting in small batches allows for better quality control and attention to detail. It is easier to watch over the roast and make adjustments as needed, giving you the best cup of coffee possible

New England Coffee is a blend of gourmet South and Central American coffee beans that gives a balanced sweet and nutty flavors. A perfect treat for people who prefer sweet coffee.

Hazelnut crèma coffee is a signature blend of 100% arabica coffee which is medium roasted featuring a rich, nutty hazelnut flavor with a hint of sweetness.

New England coffee must be sealed airtight to maintain the fresh flavor. Once the bag has been opened the coffee will be as flavorful for approximately 2 weeks or a little longer as long as the coffee is sealed airtight.

Approximately 6oz of coffee contains 4.5 calories and 70-110mg of caffeine. The flavor of the coffee is because of essential oils, other plant derivatives, and aromatic flavorings which are considered multi-component of flavoring ingredients.

Features of New England Coffee Hazelnut Creme – Medium Roast Ground Coffee

  • Ground Coffee made of 100% Arabica coffee Gluten-free and Certified Kosher ground coffee
  • Small-batch roasted for consistently balanced flavor every time
  • With the changing climate in mind. Sustainable Cup Project is designed to plant a better tomorrow Results provide social, economic, and environmental enhancements for farmers and their communities

What people are saying?

  • Excellent flavor, great smell
  • Smooth taste – great for after dinner
  • Tastes a bit nutty added to vanilla ice cream
  • Nutty creamy love!


  • The rich creamy flavor that just makes the start of every day much better
  • Fairly priced delicious coffee
  • A decent fragrance with a mild taste
  • Gluten-free and certified kosher ground coffee


  • Not keto-friendly
  • The mild flavor makes it a weak coffee

What is a kosher certificate?

Similar to Halal products, Kosher products follow biblical laws for Jewish people to consume food. These products are made by following kosher’s certified orthodox compliance

All these reasons make New England coffee one of the finest coffee beans for french press coffee to buy.

5.Kicking Horse Coffee 454 HorsePower – Dark Roast & Whole Bean

Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee
Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee
Roast typeDark
OriginIndonesia, Central & South America
AromaCacao nibs, peat, and hints of nutmeg
FlavorHeavy body, sweet tobacco, earthy with a black licorice finish

We had to pick kicking horse coffee beans because of their dark roast heavy-bodied, earthy texture with a black licorice finish. There are cocoa tones and hints of nutmeg making it a delicious coffee. Kicking horse coffee only uses coffee that is certified good and fair for both coffee drinkers and farmers.

Fairtrade uses profits from coffee to empower farmers and to invest in their community’s future

This certified organic coffee helps to pick the best in coffee with the best intentions for smart farming without sacrificing for the future. Kicking horse coffee is a socially responsible, committed community that uses unique Pantex technology to get silky, complex, and wild berry syrup with a smooth cocoa finish.

Coffee beans are selected from Indonesia, Central & South America to give velvety, earthy, and smooth coffee. And roasted in the Canadian rocky mountains, it’s a shade-grown coffee to get desired deep, dark, and delicious coffee.

What is shade-grown coffee?

A shade-grown coffee bean means farming which is produced under a canopy of trees. A set of specifically selected canopy trees are used to cultivate the plant organically

Recommended brew methods for this coffee are french press, drip coffee, pour-over, and cold brew. Available in 2.2lb & 10oz whole bean and 10oz ground size.

The French Press is the French-kiss of coffee brewing. It enables a more intimate experience with the flavor of the beans. Low-tech and time-honored, just grind, pour and plunge. The result? A simple method and deliciously complex cup.

Features of Kicking Horse Coffee 454 HorsePower – Dark Roast & Whole Bean

  • Whole bean coffee
  • Organic Biologique
  • Fairtrade equitable
  • USDA Organic
  • Kosher certified

What people are saying?

  • Go for it if you prefer a strong and bold coffee
  • It works great and makes a really pleasant, rich cup of coffee
  • Lush, aromatic roast with smooth finish and hints of chocolate
  • Great decaf especially if you are sensitive to acid
  • Good for a sensitive stomach!


  • Comes in a decaf version too
  • Organic coffee
  • Shade-grown, Fairtrade, Kosher certified Arabica coffee
  • Climate pledge friendly


  • There is no roast date printed on the pack

Try the Kicking Horse Coffee brand for French press coffee, and let us know how much you like it.

6.Illy Intenso Ground Drip Coffee -Bold Roast & Intense

Roast typeDark
BodyIntense and full
FlavorNotes of cocoa and dried fruit
TypeSignature blend, blending of 100% sustainably-grown Arabica beans, meticulously selected from different growing regions around the world

This consistent, balanced, and smooth authentic Italian coffee Is made by skilfully blending 100% sustainably-grown Arabica beans selected from different growing regions around the world.

An intense and full-bodied, bold roast coffee has a pleasantly robust finish, with warm notes of cocoa and dried fruit. 

Using an exclusive method, illy coffee is packed in an air-free, pressurized can. Which enhances and seals all the precious aromas and oils, so you enjoy the freshest taste.

Illy drip coffee is more coarsely ground for optimal extraction with drip coffee makers and French presses. We recommend illy Ground Drip Coffee for the Automatic Drip and French Press coffee machines.

Illy coffee cans and tins are made from 100% recyclable metal. Illy uses the Swiss CO2 decaffeination process, so there are no harmful solvents or additives. This is why their decaffeinated coffee tastes so good.

Features of Illy Intenso Ground Drip Coffee, Bold Roast, Intense

  • World’s Most Ethical Coffee – illy caffè was named on Ethisphere’s list for the seventh consecutive year, among just a handful of honorees in the beverage industry
  • Unique Pressurized Coffee Packaging
  • Composes of 9 of the finest Arabica coffee sources worldwide

What people are saying?

  • Strong Flavor, Never Bitter
  • Extremely rich and smooth flavor
  • Good flavor for a reasonable price
  • This is such a good coffee!! It works well in the French press


  • Preservative-free
  • Taste bold and strong in caffeine
  • The darker the roast the less acidic coffee 


  • It Will not work in Keurig reusable filter! Too Fine of grind

You can buy Illy Intenso Ground Drip Coffee beans for french press coffee.

7.AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee, Medium Roast

Roast typeMedium
BodyBalanced, full-bodied & smooth finish
FlavorSubtle citrus aroma and hints of cocoa and brown sugar

We picked this one because it surely is the best buy from Amazon and budget-friendly too. This coffee is a medium roast ground coffee, made with high quality 100% Arabica beans grown in Colombia. Which are skillfully roasted and immediately packed for freshness.

Coffee feels full-bodied with a smooth finish, this well-balanced cup has a subtle citrus aroma and hints of cocoa and brown sugar. Available in 12oz and 32oz pack sizes.

Features of AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee – Medium Roast 

  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Roasted and Packed in the USA
  • An Amazon brand

What people are saying?

  • Not premium coffee by any stretch, but at the price, it is one of the best and most consistent options you can get
  • Great tasting, quality coffee
  • Great for Cold Brew


  • Great value for money
  • Has a wonderful earthy roasted flavor and is not acidic too
  • With prime, you have no shipping charges


  • Not the best medium roast available in the market
  • Tastes bitter, avoid if you don’t prefer a little bitterness in your cup

What Is The Best Grind Size For French Press?

The best grind size to make a French press coffee is coarse, even ground coffee. Also, choosing fresh beans makes a huge difference. Fresh beans coarsely grounded makes a perfect cup of coffee. Coarsely ground coffee has no fines in it. This is exactly why choosing a coarse grind helps you drink a clean cup of coffee. And, less likely to get a cloud formed or muddled flavors in your cup.

Also, the French press uses the immersion brewing technique. Which helps water to extract for longer than other brewing techniques. Coarse grind coffee helps for slow extraction of coffee. If the grind is too coarse or the contact time is too short, the resulting coffee will be weak and sour.

“The French press is one of the most tolerant ways to make coffee. A long infusion time makes it easy to get a good extraction.” – James Hoffman

That’s all about the best coffee beans for French press coffee. Do let us know what’s your favorite Coffee brand for French press coffee.

Tips To Make A Better French Press Coffee

This classic method of French press brewing makes an amazing cup of coffee. Few things that you need to make a French press coffee are some fresh coffee, preferably a whole bean, a grinder, a timer, and the French press. But to get a perfect cup make sure you follow these tips to make a great cup every time.

1.Choose Fresh Coffee Beans

Choosing fresh coffee beans makes drinking coffee an incredible experience each time. The fresh beans roasted no more than 3 months before consumption are the ones to go for. Fresh coffee beans have all the rich aroma and flavor trapped in them. The whiff, first sip, mouthfeel, and after taste is just going to make your day.

2.Buy a Good Grinder

Not buying a good grinder can be considered the silliest mistake that we can do! A good grinder is certainly the most important factor. The size of the coffee beans, how the coffee beans are ground makes your coffee taste different. 

You will need a solid burr grinder that crushes the beans into consistently sized particles. A well-built electric burr grinder suited for brewing starts at about $100.

Having a grinder at home makes it possible to grind your coffee beans just before you want to brew it. 

3.Grind The Beans When You Wish To Brew

The volatile flavors and aromatics concentrated inside a coffee bean are exposed by grinding. When you make coffee, you are dissolving a portion of the bean’s solids in water. By crushing coffee beans into small pieces, you have better access to those tasty solubles. 

Grind just before brewing and you have a good chance of getting most of them into the cup. grind 10 minutes ahead and a noticeable amount of flavor will have dissipated.

4.Evenly Coarse Grind Beans

For french press coffee, choosing a coarse grind is a must. As the French press is an immersion brewing method. We know that the extraction time of coffee defines the taste of the coffee. 

5.Look For Quality Water

Your coffee has 98% of water. Choosing the best possible water makes your coffee taste significantly different.

Coffee brewing water should be fresh to smell, taste, look, and clean. Also, which balances all the minerals in it. 

Alkaline water has carbonates, magnesium, and calcium. These minerals make coffee taste much better. However, too high alkalinity prevents you from tasting acidity in coffee even when it is present in coffee. Making the taste of coffee dull, flat, and earthy.

On the other hand, low alkaline water makes coffee taste vinegary and sour. Acidic water is bad for extraction but good for flavor.

Simply put, go for alkaline water to drink an incredible coffee but, if you are serious about making it the best possible, there are kits available to test the minerals in coffee. 

6.Temperature Of Water 

Recommended water temperature is anywhere between 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the water determines the extraction rate of coffee. If the temperature of the water is more, it results in over-extracted coffee with a bitter taste. But also, keep in mind if the water temperature is low, it gives an under-extracted coffee. 

Also, the difference in taste is because heat affects oxygen. Making coffee bitter if the water temperature is not monitored.

7.Measure Coffee and Water

Measuring coffee and water is absolute as per individual liking. However, try the 1:12 ratio for the French press. For 350grams of water, you will need 30grams of coffee.

Once you try this ratio, alter the proportion as per your preference by increasing the coffee quantity. 

8.Preheat The French Press Coffee Maker

The water you are going to pour will be hot and the equipment cold. To avoid the temperature fluctuations from affecting the coffee taste and to not let extraction delay. This step is essential.


When you stir, grounds fall out of suspension and the extraction slows considerably. 

10.Plunge slowly

Plunge slowly making sure all the coffee granules are pushed down to get a clear coffee. This is exactly why choosing coarse grind coffee is vital. 

If the coffee granules are too small, it would become difficult to get a clean coffee out of the French press. A filter becomes a must if the granules are not even coarse grind. 

11.Pour coffee out of the carafe

Pour the coffee out as soon as the coffee is done, so the coffee doesn’t keep extracting further.

FAQ About Best Coffee Beans For French Press Coffee

Can you use regular coffee in a french press?

Regular coffee can certainly be used in a French press, however, keep in mind that the French press uses an immersion brewing method. So, any regular coffee which is coarsely ground will make quite perfect coffee in a French press. It is an advantage if the coffee you have is freshly ground. 

That brings to the question, you need to know

Why should we use a coarse grind for the french press?

French press coffee requires an even coarse grind coffee because of two reasons, which are the brewing method and to plunge after brewing. An even coarse grind coffee contains no fines, saving you from drinking a clouded or muddled coffee.

The two reasons to have a coarse grind coffee for a French press. 

  • The first reason being the brewing method. A French press uses an immersion method, which means ground coffee is in contact with water for a longer duration and that’s how flavors and aroma from it are extracted. Along with the acidity and body of the coffee. If fine ground coffee is in contact with water for that long it produces a bitter coffee. 
  • The second reason is to easily plunge and relish the coffee.


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