Become a Tech Whiz with These 3 Android Tricks

Fast paced and widespread, Android powers most of our phones.

You’ve had your phone for years, and you know everything about it, right? Maybe not! The Android platform has a few hidden secrets that the developers don’t tell you. But we’ve figured a few of them out.

Android Tricks

On my blog, LeWhif today, find out what your constant electronic companion is hiding from you, with these 3 Android tricks.

1. Three Finger Screenshot

Taking a screenshot with the power and volume button is a thing of the past. Android now has a unique feature of capturing the moment on the screen in a simple three finger swipe. It’s as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is simultaneously touch the top of your screen with three fingers and then slide them down to the bottom. Voila!

2. Priority Mode

Not only are constant vibrations annoying, but they also take up your phone’s battery.

Fortunately, your Android phone allows you to choose which applications you don’t need to be notified about.

Enabling the feature is simple.

Go to Settings—> Sound and Notifications—> Do Not Disturb

Select any apps that you would not want to receive notification alerts from, and continue your work in peace.

3. Screen Pinning

Not talked about enough, Screen Pinning could come in very handy.

The idea of the feature is to pin down the current screen permanently, not letting it be erased until the setting is turned off.

The use of this could be multifold, though the topmost would be a child lock.

Screen Pinning is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

1. Go to Settings

2. Open Security

3. Go to Screen Pinning, and select “On”.

Extra Information: Go to Settings —> about, and enter your phone’s build name several times. You will be recognised as your Android phone’s developer, and you can now manipulate your phone as you wish. P.S- this trick proves to be more effective if you have knowledge of programming.

There you go. Feel like a techno geek yet?

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