Best Browsers For Windows 10 PC

Choosing the right browser that is compatible with the OS lets you experience uninterrupted web browsing. The browser you want should be consistent, provide high security, and be extremely secure. The protection of the browser is yet another concerning factor while you choose any browser.

Additionally, the browser you choose should be easy to use, install, and support features such as downloads, developer tools, plugins, extensions, proxy, and others. Windows 10 comes inbuilt with the Microsoft Edge browser and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is not backward version compatible, and Microsoft Internet Explorer has some inherent security, privacy, and lacks plugins.

You can enhance your Windows 10 experience by using other browsers as well. Over here we will check some of the best browsers for Windows 10 PCs.

  1. Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is a name that is most popular while we speak about browsers. This is equally compatible with Windows 10 PCs. Chrome is one of the most efficient and easy to use browsers. This browser has one of the top numbers of downloads.

While it has several out of the box features, it also has a good to display UI. The browser is fast and provides maximum efficiency. In terms of security, Chrome offers multiple functions and ensure secure connections. It’s inbuilt with a series of developer tools, plugins and provides regular updates.

The only downside of Chrome is the fact that it uses more resources and is heavy, which means you need to have the right system configuration to use Chrome effectively.

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  1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has been in the market for a long time and is yet another browser that works well on Windows 10 PCs. It is fast, gives considerable browsing performance, good user experience, and is light on the resource.

Firefox is built with a good collection of security and privacy tools. The browser is accompanied by regular updates and patches. Over here, you get password-free logins and automatic Ad-tracker blocking. Firefox also provides a good set of developer tools.

  1. Opera:

Opera is one of the fast browsers and works well with slow internet connections. While Opera does not occupy much market share in terms of browsers, still this is a good browser for Windows 10 PCs. Opera does not provide too many additional features and gives a clean UI.

The Opera Turbo feature compresses traffic and boosts browsing speed. With reasonably good security and privacy features, Opera is suitable for mobile connections. The browser provides an inbuilt Ad-blocker and has a battery saving mode. Opera also supports most plugins available in Chrome.

  1. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a browser that is again not very popular but works well over Windows 10 PCs. This is a reasonably new browser but is picking up the market very well. Opera Software created Vivaldi. This is an extremely customizable browser.

While this is not the fastest browser, yet it has a creative interface. Vivaldi personalizes your browser experience and is far from the most conventional browsers available in the market. It supports docking and tab stacking. Vivaldi built over Chromium very well supports Chrome extensions. With every new release, unique intuitive features are getting added to Vivaldi.

  1. Tor Browser:

The Tor browser is well known for its privacy and security features. This works well over Windows 10 PCs and is a suitable option in case you are looking for enhanced security. This can block cookie tracking.

Tor is a combination of several security tools and hence is a bit heavy on the system. While this does not have high-speed performance, yet is a good option in case you want more security features while browsing. Over here, nothing can be tracked. The UI is similar to Firefox.